Tattooed Momma Bear


So I thought I would share a little something very personal about myself. I have many, many tattoos across my body. I am sharing this as I am extremely proud of each one as each one means something special to me. People with lots of tattoo’s get judged way too much! I used to read comments from people who used to visit my work that specifically pointed out the tattooed waitresses in a negative way… what just because I have some art on my body i’m doing my job any different to anyone without them? I’m sure any worker tattooed or non-tattooed will do a job just the same! I have even come across articles that suggest tattooed moms are bad moms! Disgusting. I think everyone who takes the time to read my post’s can see i am far from a bad mom and I am going to share each of my tattoos because they are apart of me and I am so proud of them all.


Rose with thorns because well I think roses are beautiful


Birds flying over my shoulder to represent me being a grown independent woman.


Big, bad wolf on my hip because I think wolves are stunning and strong. Also small quote on my lower back ‘Save your heart for someone who leaves you breathless” (Achieved)


Sam Smith lyrics because I think his voice is just heaven


On my lower arm.. based on Marilyn Monroe because I just love the era she is from


‘ L O V E ‘


One of my originals – done to match a tattoo my life long friend Becki has


A quote from one of my all time favorite childhood films twilight


Roses with Poison Ivy just because I think its pretty


Wings with Hebrew writing through the middle. I will always fly with my own wings through life


Aladdin and Jasmine – To remind me that at any age I can still sit and enjoy Disney.. and to remind me to share this love with my children


Front of my half sleeve: Book because I love to read, Tiger because this is a good representation of my personality, Tree to represent my growth throughout life, The time line at the bottom represents evolution (I’m a history freak)


Under arm of my sleeve: Time heals all as I believe in this quote a lot, Egyptian Evil Eye for luck (I am obsessed with ancient Egyptian history) and my time line of evolution continued.


Back of my sleeve: Egyptian key of life, Music because who doesn’t love music, Infinity symbol to represent all my beloved family and friends, A wolf paw print because I have a weird love for mystical creatures, Lips with fangs because I like vampires. And the background of a moon and clouds to finish it off


Quote on each side of my thighs “You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground” + “And ill be the wings that keep your heart in the sky”. for friendships.


Feather with birds flying out of it because I love the thought of birds flying free and independently. Also a C on my ankle that I had for a special best friend.

These are all I have so far. To some viewers they may look like nothing but to me each one represents something personal. Obviously I have not yet had one for my daughter as I am still deciding what type of tattoo I would like to get. I don’t want a normal one or her name or birth date or anything along them lines. Stay tuned to see what I decide to get 🙂

Be proud of your ink and don’t let anybody bring you down about it! Because lets face it people look so much hotter and individual inked.

I have always wondered how I will feel when my children come to me and ask about having a tattoo themselves. Obviously I would be a major hypocrite if I said no but I will definitely make them wait until they are 18 and have a mature mind set before deciding on inking their body.



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