Sleep? what is that again?

So yes… New baby = NO SLEEP

This was the hardest part for me. As I said in my breast feeding post I suffered badly with lack of sleep because she was so hungry constantly. And I could never make myself properly fall asleep as I was so on edge that she was going to wake up any second. I couldn’t nap throughout the day a lot because if i’m up then i’m up and in my head i thought if i properly drift off now and she wakes up I will feel even worse so I will just power through. Next time around I will definitely sleep more during the day. Of course Ava was falling asleep comfortably every hour on either mine or ants chest or the sofa.

20150813_095343000_iOS.jpg                                    20150829_123618571_iOS

From the first night home we knew she wouldn’t settle in her Moses basket, she could of been flat out snoring and she would wake as soon as we lay her in the basket. I was very against having her sleep next to me obviously too scared in case I rolled over her. On one of our first nights home I was just so exhausted and she was so content asleep next to me I just thought I need to let her sleep here so I can rest. Thankfully it worked, it was all fine I hadn’t moved in my sleep (my body knew she was next to me I think) and we both got some sleep. This continued for the next 7-8 weeks Until we decided to invest in a stand for her basket to see if that made a difference as I did not want her to grow anymore thinking she was meant to always be sleeping next to me. I mentally prepared myself for more sleepless nights whilst she settled into her basket and WOW first night in her basket next to our bed (with the stand) and she slept through. I could not believe it! All along all we needed to do was get a stand! So my advice would be to get one from day one to avoid putting baby next to you.


Mommy why are you sleeping i’m hungry again


Comfy and cozy in sleepy town

Up until she was 5 1/2 months old she from then on always slept in her basket next to our bed. As the months past I got myself and her into a bed time routine. All the house hold was happy and rested. We knew it was nearing the time to start moving her into her own room which I had spent so much time decorating and making perfect for her.


As we didn’t find out the sex we went for a jungle themed room. I made a whole wall of tree’s and monkeys, added my own old tiger teddy bears. We also loved the film lion king so above her cot we have a picture of the whole lion king cast as I have always called her my cub. On the wall above her changing table I have printed different scenes from different Disney movies and framed them as I am a HUGE Disney enthusiast and I want Ava to follow that. She also has a big world map rug for children from her Auntie Becki. Her room was perfect. (As you can see I have recently added more girly stickers to her jungle wall). At 51/2 months I decided it was time to start putting her in her own room. I felt sick to my stomach at first, I bought a camera monitor which helped a lot so I can always watch her to make sure shes okay. She of course sleeps through fine, we have had a few nights where shes woken up upset but all in all its been a great success. I usually wake up with her about 6 and she comes in our bed for a few hours which I wouldn’t change for the world. I figured she is in a great routine now she takes all her daily naps in her cot and sleeps every night in her own room so she can have some cuddle time in mommy and daddy’s bed in the early hours of the morning. This was one of the biggest challenges for me so far, I couldn’t stomach the thought of her being all alone in that big room but I have gotten a lot better now and I am so proud shes 6 months and in her own room that I have taken so much time to make perfect for her.



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