Bath time is the best time

So… my absolute favorite thing to do with Ava is bath her. I have always loved giving her a nice warm bath and getting her all cozy in fresh clothes. I am very much a home person I love being wrapped up at home, I cannot wait for her to grow up and for us to be able to snuggle on the sofa with blankets and onsies and hot chocolate with candles burning.

From the day she was born one of the first things that i thought was I cannot wait to get her home, bathed and into fresh pajamas. As any mother will know your newborn baby will receive absolutely millions of cuddles whenever you have visitors which I love but she always came back smelling of different perfumes and after shaves, I always couldn’t wait to get her back smelling like her again. And of course the amount of sick she produced on a daily basis always covered her and ran under her chin into her neck rolls.

For the first 5 1/2 months I bathed her every other day as advised by the midwife. some mothers probably would of not used product in the baths in the first few weeks but I decided to use it from day one. My favorite essential bath products at first were….

10029614 19393011_0_640x6408844700319774.jpg00381370035176_cf_.png

I loved the blue bottle smell the most as it always reminded me of her being newborn and was the first one we used. The normal shampoo which i still use now. I found she had very dry skin in places so I used to baby oil her and then put a bit of lotion on her and that seemed to make her skin less dry and she smelt absolutely beautiful all the time. There is nothing better than a freshly cleaned baby smell! Now shes 6 months, I don’t use the oil anymore I just use the lotion. I use the blue bubble bath and I have started to use the purple bottle as well and I have introduced baby soap which smells beautiful. I now get to bath her everyday as shes weaning and food goes EVERYWHERE so I am very happy.


We at first used a normal baby bath which I  was terrified to do by myself in case she slipped out my grasp but I got to grips with holding her myself and got into my own routine of it. Then we decided she was becoming a bit big for the bath so we moved her onto a little lie down seat which she loved. After a while she started to kick about in the bath and slip down the seat so we shopped around for something different


No we have invested in a sit up, non slip mat which I absolutely love. She holds on to the bar and tries to grab all her toys and plays with the bubbles whilst i wash her. She can now sit up on her own but still hasn’t fully got her balance so this is brilliant for helping her whilst she finds her balance. It also has a temperature Gage on it that lights up and tells me if the water is too hot.


Bath time is definitely the BEST time. My little mermaid


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