My Breastfeeding Story

Well I have briefly wrote about my experience in another post but I wanted to focus a lot more on my breast feeding journey as I believe it is a very important part of my mommy journey so far.

Firstly, my story is a successful one. She is 6 months old now and has been breast fed up to this point. It is an incredible bond we share together. She is all about her mommy when daddy is not around. Who ever is holding her she always looks around the room for me, it is a perfect way to feel like you and your child are one together. I have not had to worry about messing around making bottles whenever she is hungry. I bought myself a cover to wear in public which is amazing, you wouldn’t be able to tell what i’m doing.

It does also have many challenges. At first is was so painful i nearly gave up, I had to power through because I was determined to give my daughter the best start in life and I knew I was lucky that she latched without any challenges so i carried on and now I am very glad i did. But I am now facing an even bigger challenge, as Ava will NOT take a bottle at all. Up until she was 2 months old she had bottles every now and then, i used to express for others to feed her to make sure she got used to both. I was able to have a bit of time to myself with friends which was nice as it is important to have time for yourself.

Then at 2 months she started to refuse a bottle completely and now we are at 6 months and still she will not have one. I have literally been by her side for 4 months straight, and as much as i love it and wouldn’t have it any other way as I do have attachment issues with her I feel like it is time i have at least one night out away from her with my friends. The only time i have to myself now is when she is in bed. I know one day I will look back and miss the times where all she wanted was me.

I have tried a million different types of bottle which all work when there is water in them. But as soon as i put milk in them she knows straight away and looks away refusing it. It will be an on-going battle that I hope she will eventually give in to as I do now want her to come off me as she is weaning. And i cannot lie I will not miss wearing the very unattractive nursing bra’s and breast pads!!

If there is any mommy’s reading this who have had similar experiences please comment with any type of advice as it is all very much appreciated.

I am a very proud breast feeding mommy!!



2 thoughts on “My Breastfeeding Story

  1. Neikie says:

    Hi Kaya. Well done on a gorgeous baby girl, and for you to still be breastfeeding. You are very lucky that she latched, but I totaly understand that you also need to get out. Unfortunately I don’t have any advice, as my baby boy prefered the bottle, and I ended up expressing breastmilk for a year. (After that it became too difficult to find the time to express as Baby became too busy. Baby boy is now 16 months and has been on formula for 4 months). I’m sure there will be loads of replies with useful advice, and there’s always google.
    I just wanted to say that I think it’s amazing that you are raising a beautiful baby while you are so young. I know it can be very hard sometimes, but it’s totally worth it. I was 19 when I had my daughter and today, as I write this, she is at her very first Valentine’s dance at scool! She will be 12 this year.
    Take it from me, take loads of pictures (as I read you’re already doing that), and keep documenting everything as it is amazing how quickly you forget as she grows up.
    Keep up the baby diary! Wish I had thought of that.
    Best wishes, René

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